So, you want to be a writer
Thursday, November 13, 2003
Hello, as you can tell I am not very good at this. I am not a routine type person!
It certainly is not that we, or I for that matter, don't have plenty to talk about.... Iraq, Political Primaries, Mutual fund managers skimming lliterally millions of f of the top, bottom, or whereever they can get it.
As for my writing carreer, there is one thing that I have realized. The things that we do to each other, the pain we inflict on each other's hearts, minds, souls, and physical bodies goes way beyond what a fiction writer can dream up, except perhaps the realsick individuals, like Stephen King, or Peter Straub. Alot of times the things we do to the person we are supposed to love the most (ourselves)we would never think of doing to some one else!

Monday, October 13, 2003
Well,I skipped a day and I still didn't get my character studies done or even started good. So, now that it is off my chest I can live with myself!
While I am here I want to get a few other things out on the table:
Is there something in the water or the food chain that alters all South Carolinians driving capability? Do they just pull in front of you to get money so they can pay off that new bass boat and dental work for their toothless wife? Do they follow so close behind you because they dream of one day being a NASCAR driver and they think they're practicing?
I know that is not very "politically correct" but I am sick and tired of all that s**t too. It has already, just in my lifetime, gotten so bad that you can't have a normal conversation with someone anymore. A man can't even look at a woman and comment on her beauty to another man without being looked at strangely. It's like your in Nazi Germany talking under your breath about the "administration of government". God forbid if you comment on a subordinate's poor work performance that happens to be of another race, and if you fire someone for the afore mentioned reason you may as well just hire a lawyer because you will be sued! What is so funny is most of the time a person gets fired for poor attendance or performance the person doing the firing does not even know the race of the person they are terminating.
Having just said all of that, I believe an explanation of the morals I live by are in order. I was raised not to be racist or chauvinistic in any way. My mother raised me by herself by working her a** off everyday I can remember and I can remember some of the things the opposite sex put her through. In fact I prefer not to even call these people men. The reason for that is that I believe a real man recognizes shortcomings as well as virtues in everyone , no matter the color, sex, creed, etc.... Then that man makes a judgement by what he sees when he awards them with the same chance as he would give anyone. That is how I live my life whether I am in a business situation or just a casual coversation.

Well I gotta go. I promise too be more positive next time.

Friday, October 10, 2003
When I decided to be a writer I also decided to journal certain things that I experienced on this new journey! I know this doesn't sound as exciting as, say, watching paint dry or listening to the grass grow on a hot summer's day, but just bare with me! Today I am going to start with a few character studies and see where that takes me. So tomorrow there should be something worth reading on this page!! Oh almost forgot, LATER!!!!

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